National Quality Measures for Breast Centers® - Surgeon
A Quality Initiative of the National Consortium of Breast Centers, Inc.


To begin the NQMBC-Surgeon Program, participants will first be asked to provide general patient demographics and facility/practice information. After providing this information through our exclusive online system, surgeons will be granted access to the NQMBC-Surgeon data entry pages for nine Quality Measures. After completing data for each Measure, comparison reports may be accessed for the Measure. This allows for a detailed comparison of data with an aggregate of other de-identified surgeons participating in the NQMBC-Surgeon Program.

The NQMBC-Surgeon Program is committed to protecting the privacy of all parties involved. Data reports never reveal identifying data for the participating surgeons. Patient-identifying data is never collected through this program.


The NQMBC-Surgeon Program will request general information concerning the demographics and patient volumes of your practice. The information requested is as follows:

  • General contact data: phone, email address, facility/practice address
  • The services provided by your center
  • The geographical region of your practice
  • Population density of your area of service
  • Volume of patients served
  • Typical patient ethnicities served
  • Facility or practice ownership/administration type (self-employed, non-profit hospital system, for-profit hospital system, etc.)
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Quality Measures

Quality Measures collected and analyzed by the NQMBC-Surgeon Program are as follows (not all Measures will apply to all participants):

  • Use of Needle/Core Biopsy
  • Use of Sentinel Node Biopsy
  • Breast Conservation Surgery - Overall Rate (actual patients)
  • Breast Conservation Surgery Rate for Eligible Patients (potential eligible candidates)
  • Re-Excision Rate – Breast Conservation Surgery
  • Post-Lumpectomy Radiation - Rate for Invasive Breast Cancer (actual)
  • Post-Lumpectomy Radiation - Rate for Invasive Breast Cancer (potential)
  • Ambulatory Breast Cancer Surgery-Unplanned Overnight Stay Rate
  • Timeliness of Care – Time Between Needle Biopsy (or first surgical contact) and Initial Breast Cancer Surgery
Sample Reports and Data Entry Pages
The NQMBC-Surgeons Program reserves the right to update the type of information which is displayed in participant reports

Data Integrity

The NQMBC-Surgeon Program is committed to the accuracy of submitted data. To maintain accuracy, routine audits of the data will be conducted. Raw data used for this program must be kept by Surgeons for a minimum of 5 years.